May news: Ana at 36 weeks, 4 more to go!

11 04 2014

Ani y Sebastian 36 semanas


Members Profile: Gary Gray’s Ford

2 10 2013


October News

14 09 2013

– Sebastian’s red 3B in Colombia

– Sebastian’s yellow 3B in Pittsburgh

September 2013: Ron Dennis Trip to Colorado

3 08 2013

Ron’s Report : Made it to CO without incident. The truck actually made it up monarch and red mountain pass…….whew!!. The Willys has been performing well on its first real four wheeling adventure. Its a little underpowered on the highway but fine on the trail.
The carb actually runs at 13,000… a little hard to start but runs fine once fired up. Its nice to finally have to “right” Jeep for out here!
So far we have hit ClearLake trail, OphirPass, EngineerPass, HurricanBasin and Picayune Gulch. More updates to follow.

Ron’s Report No.2:  Another successful day Jeep’n up in the Rockies. Today we hit some of the more challenging trails in the area (US Basin (easy), Bullion King, and Black Bear Pass). The old Willys clawed up some steep inclines and along some steep ledges

Ron’s Report No.3: Yesterday we took a ride on the Silverton and Durango Railroad. Today we hit some trails up in the Gladstone Area. (Prospect Gultch, VelocityBasin, HurricanePass to ComoLake and then took Corkscrew and hit route 550 to Ouray) We walked around Ouray and drove the million dollar highway back to Silverton. You have no idea how exciting it is to drive a flatfender up the million dollar highway! so far we estimated we have traveled @ 200 miles of trails!

Ron’s Report No.4: This was the last day on the trail. 😦 We hit Ciinamon pass to American basin, then back over to Animas Forks, then to Maggie Gultch. It was bright and sunny when we hit Cinnamon in the morning and snowing like crazy when we came back over just after lunch!
Ron’s thoughts on the trip: 
A classic jeep (i.e CJ) is the only way to enjoy the mountains. The flat fender has the perfect “vibe”. Made the experience so much more enjoyable. Had the TJ out here… but the flatfender was the perfect vehicle for these trails.
On the flip side……..Do not bring a flat fender unless you want to spend half the day talking with other jeepers. Everyone I passed wanted to talk about the old willys. It was kinda cool at first……but actually was kinda annoying at the end of the week.
There are way too many JKs in this world. I am sick of seeing JKs.
September is beautiful in the mountains. The aspens are turning and the colors are really nice.Hit the road first thing in the am.

Member Andreas Gruson and his CJ-2As

20 07 2013

In Andreas words:  How did I hear about the Flatfender Club of Butler?  Well, that’s a story in itself… Two years ago we went on a safari in Botswana, and one evening, we found ourselves at a dinner table with (Flatfender Club of Butler member) Dale Lundy and his family.  Just to make small talk, I mentioned that my son and I were building a 1947 Diesel CJ2a – Dale practically fell out of his seat and told me that he and his son had just finished their CJ2a!! What are the chances of two CJ2a builders meeting in the middle of the Kalahari desert in Africa???!!! a story straight out of Africa!

The red CJ2a is a 1948 which I finished in 1991 when you actually had to fabricate parts!  The mechanics are stock and the body is a MD Juan.  After all that work, I swore I’d never build another!.

And then we took a trip to the coffee region of Colombia – Calarca – where Willys are still used everyday for work, and I got the bug again… Came back to NY and found three CJ’s in a farmer’s field nearby and bought the two better ones.  With all the repro parts now available, the build philosophy became one of authenticity with mechanical upgrades to make a daily driver.  So, using the ’47 as a base started the build.  The crown jewel, a Kubota turbo diesel motor.  Otherwise almost stock.

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix: July 20, 2013

30 06 2013

News July 2013

17 06 2013


– New member Dave Lewis 1946 CJ-2A. Looking great!

– Sebastian’s yellow 3B at the Walnut Street Car Show