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8 07 2009
Ben Faruquee

Nice job Sebastian! Will have to get together some pics for you to add to the already good start. The links are a great idea and should help to expand awareness of our groups. Hope to see you on a trail ride this August. And don’t forget Jeepfest! Ben and Spencer

7 12 2009


14 03 2010

Author : Kathleen Mike (
Comment: Hello, I am a notary and I am doing a title for a 2 door, 1945 Ford (Jeep) with a detachable roof. I am confused as to what body type this vehicle is and would like to know if you could lerify this matter for me. Is ths vehicle a station wagon, convertible, or coupe. Thank you so much for taking time out to help with my question!

RE//: by Dave Zibrat
Hi Kathleen, If the vehicle is indeed a 1945 Ford Jeep, then the Model would be a GWP. If you are in Pennsylvania, you can title it as an antique and receive a Historical Registration Plate. Insurance is lower as the vehicle would have minimum usage. However if it is to be used daily, it can be titled in a few different ways. First as a Truck or secondly as a Vehicle determined by your state. Question them. I have known of Jeeps being registered as Station Wagons if a picture was submitted showing a back seat. (Without the top in place). As you can see, I need a little more information in order to determine the best registration. If you are not in Pennsylvania, I can poll Members to find out what they have done in your State. Please feel free to contact me as needed.

10 04 2010

I was born in Butler, and lived across the street from Ham Bortmas. I know he had a Willys. I was wondering if anyone from Butler knew him. I have just bought a 1950 wagon and hope to begin a frame off restore soon. I have emailed his daughter pictures of my Willys and asked for any tips or problems to be aware of.

26 07 2010
Dave Zibrat

Relayed your message, via phone, to Mrs Lee Bortmas. If he has not responded to you, send me your phone number and I will get it to him.

12 04 2010

For sale

1945 willys cj2a vin number 11259

needs total resto but is complete minus front seats.

No title

was in barn storage for over 30 years. includes battle rims and extra motor.


ask for frank 2,000.00

24 08 2010

Hi my name is curt , I am looking for Buck, the gentelman selling the white 1946 cj2a pictured in the jeep fest 2010 pictures. my phone number is (724)-9807203 Thanks

25 08 2010
Dave Zibrat

Hi Curt,
Buck Burkes phone number is 724-924-2923. You may have to leave a message for him and he will call you back.

28 08 2010

Looking for a willys jeep to buy . No junk please, somthing mostly origional not to rough. Call Curt (724 -9807203

9 10 2010
Bill Cutshall

I’m restoring a 1945 GPW and will soon be at a point where I need to make a decision on whether to try and restore the tub or buy a reproduction. The cowl is solid but the front floor, rear panel, and lower side panels definitely need to be replaced. Can anyone suggest someone who can do the welding and minor fabrication work? If my only choice is to pay prevailing shop wages I’ll probably go with a new tub but I’m hoping to find someone who can help bring this old soldier back to life.


Bill Cutshall

10 10 2010
Rich Harkins

Hi Bill,
I’m doing a minor restoration on a ’44 MB right now, pretty much the same as a GPW, so I can probably point you toward a few sources that I have been using. You probably know about
They both have an extensive selection of restoration parts and they are both in Pa. I bought a rear panel for mine from one of them for $170.00 and its really nicely done. I had some heavy frame parts fabricated at Faul Metal, just off Rt 173 north of Slippery Rock. Prices of new parts from Debella or Bensinger made to original specs are: Front floor $465, hat channels $120, rear floor $265, rear panel $170, Quarter panels 210, and a whole tub is $2400. There are several other places that have parts but they are from out west or the west coast. Freight cost on big stuff will kill you. I just finished a minor restoration on an M151A-2 and am now working on the MB and a M998 HMMWV at the same time or maybe I could help you some but theres not enough hours in the day. At least I can offer helpful advice.

13 10 2010
Bill Cutshall


In a similar vein, where do you get your engine work done? I’d like to find someone local but have been thinking of taking my L134 to Bensinger to have it rebuilt.



11 10 2010
roy rowland

hay bill, shop full of tools,no funds for my own project yet. working on other peoples toys to build funds and buy more tools. I think that I will fit your budget. call me at 412 257 0407 eve.

10 10 2010
Dave Zibrat

Hi Bill,
Glad to see you on this site…..Always interested in Flat Fender projects. This is why the Club has been formed….Sent your request out to all the members via email to call attention to the posting…. If you would like to join our Club, we do not have dues or officers. Just a group of people interested in keeping the “Flatties” alive. Send a request for membership to, We are presently at 145 members. I do a newsletter each month.
Hoping you join,
Dave Zibrat (President)

29 10 2010
Rennie Barchiesi

I’m looking to buy a CJ3b. Ideally something already restored or in good original condition. Call Rennie @ 724-984-6851

30 10 2010
Dave Zibrat

Hi Rennie,
I have sent your message out by email to all the Members. (149)
If you would want to join our Club, all I need is your email address. We do not have Dues or Officers. Just a group of people interested in “Flatties”. We meet once a month and I put out a newsletter each month.
Hoping you join………..Dave Zibrat ( Acting President)

14 02 2011
Ray Gruseck

FOR SALE: ’48 Willys CJ3A Asking $2500
The Good– great solid jeep, including tub, clip, windshield, tailgate and frame, 11″ brakes, one-piece tie rod, stored indoors over 30 years, Pa. title

The Bad–Hurrican F-4–probably the worst engine ever made complete with obligatory hood-wart. Don’t ask if it “runs” as I have no idea. My intent was to scap the F-4 during the restoration which never began. Also–jeep is in my garage in Cook Forest, Pa.

Ray–412-335-0972 or email to for photos

18 03 2011
Bantam Jeep Festival

There have been many exciting things happening the past few weeks as plans for the event continue to fall into place.  Read on for the latest Festival updates!
Petersen’s 4Wheel and Off-Road Features Festival
The May issue of Petersen’s 4Wheel and Off-Road
has an incredible story that has many folks buzzing. 
In his 4X Forward column, editor Rick Pewe talks about the Jeep’s 70th birthday and the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival and says:

 “Bantam was the originator, innovator, and true father of the vehicle we owe everything to in this sport. The town of Butler, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the American Bantam Car Company, is having an incredible event this summer to celebrate the jeep…It all started there in Butler and I challenge any driver of a jeep or non-jeep to show up and honor the event simply because you would do that for your grandpa.”
The May issue is currently arriving in mailboxes and newstands across the country. Read the entire piece here.  If you haven’t pre-registered yet, you might want to do it now so you can snag one of those highly coveted dash plaques the first 500 paid parade registrants receive!

New  Sponsors Support Festival
Sponsor support is necessary for us to have all of the great events and activities we’ve been planning, and we’re so excited that several companies have stepped up to be part of our event. 
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Off-Road Driving Academy  featuring Jeep is  co-presenting the brand new Bantam Jeep history exhibit that will debut at the   Festival.  But that’s not all!  They’ll be offering Jeep Rubicon Ride Alongs for up to four people with a professional driver.  Sounds like some fun you won’t want to miss!
4Wheel Drive Hardware is presenting the three on-site trail rides at the Fairgrounds.  The trails (two stock, one modified) will be about 1/2-3/4 mile long and will give Jeep owners a taste of what it’s like to drive off-road on-site at the Fairgrounds.   This opportunity is included in nearly all Festival participant registration packages.
Butler Health System is encouraging Festival attendees to get active and enjoy Butler County’s great outdoors with its sponsorship of Camp Bantam.  Guided outdoor programs including hikes, biking, kayaking, geocaching, disk golf and boat tours are being offered at Moraine State Park on Saturday and Sunday.  Most activities are free, including round-trip transportation from the Fairgrounds. Sign up to participate in Camp Bantam right away!   
They’re Coming! 
Be sure and visit these companies who have just signed up for vendor space at the Festival.  We really appreciate their support and know they’ll have great products for you to check out.  The latest vendors to join us include:
BDS Suspension 
Zone Off-Road Products 
CSL Offroad 
Berg USA 
Banner Ads Available for You To Post
We’re making it easier to spread the word.  You can download three different banner ads from our website and post them on the various jeep-focused websites that allow free ads to be posted.  We hope you’ll help us get the buzz moving!
Enjoy the Outdoors at Camp Bantam
We just posted information on the website about the outdoor activities you can participate in as part of Camp Bantam on Saturday and Sunday.  Presented by Butler Health System, this is a great, inexpensive way to try a new outdoor activity or just enjoy some time at beautiful Moraine State Park.  Limited space is available so register to participate soon!
Does Popeye Jeep Like You?
If you’ve heard from Popeye Jeep on your Facebook page, then it’s just us wanting you to like us so you can be in the know about the Festival.  Even better, check out our Facebook Community Page and “like” it.  You’ll get some of the Festival scoop before we share it in our monthly updates!
Want to Know More?
If you’d like to learn more about the event and how you can participate, check out our website.  We’re looking forward to sharing even more exciting updates next month!


13 08 2011
Tom Torn

I have a couple of pictures from on Aug 12 in Butler Pa. of the jeep parade. I would like to post them on the page. How do I do this?
sorry I’m a new member.

23 11 2011
BantamJeep Festival

Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival Achieves Guinness World Record, Raises $20,000 for Bantam Heritage Fund and Announces 2012 Festival Events

BUTLER, Pa. (November 21, 2011) – The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival has made it into the record books – the Guinness World Records to be exact. Today, Festival organizers announced that Guinness World Records has officially awarded the record for largest parade of Jeeps to the Festival.

“We all know that the Festival was an overwhelming success and brought more people to Butler than any other one-day event in our city’s history,” said Butler Police Chief Timothy Fennell, whose police force was instrumental in organizing the parade of 1,106 jeeps, along with the Rodfathers Car Club and the Butler Township Police Department. “The Jeep owners who participated were excited about their role in an attempt to set a record, and I’m happy to announce that their participation has been made official by Guinness.”

The parade and cruise were one of the highlights of the August event that brought thousands of Jeep enthusiasts to Butler. Parade participants began their record attempt at Butler County Community College and traveled three miles north on Route 8 where they were parked along Butler’s Main Street and side streets to show off their Jeeps to the estimated 35,000 people that filled the streets and sidewalks. The Festival continued throughout the weekend at the Big Butler Fairgrounds where an off-road playground, Bantam history exhibit, Jeep show, WWII encampment and nearly 100 vendors were part of the activities attendees enjoyed.

Festival Raises $20,000 to Preserve Bantam Heritage
The Festival’s goals are to raise funds to put Butler on the worldwide map as the “birthplace of the jeep,” attract overnight visitors to Butler County and preserve the history that remains of the American Bantam Car Company.

Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau President Jack Cohen announced that Festival proceeds of $20,000 have been deposited into a special fund to preserve Bantam heritage.

Cohen believes that saving the Bantam Building and doing more to celebrate Butler County’s Jeep heritage is key to the County’s heritage tourism efforts. “The enthusiastic response we received from Jeep owners who traveled from 25 states and four countries to Butler this past summer is evidence of the passion people have for Jeeps,” he said. “I believe that Butler has the
ability to become a destination for Jeep enthusiasts year-round if we are committed to preserving our Jeep heritage and offer reasons to keep them coming back.”

2012 Festival Activities Announced
The 2012 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival will be held August 10-12, and organizers have been meeting since early October to plan the next event. “We received so much great feedback from the people who attended the Festival, and we’ve utilized their comments as part of our planning process,” said Lambert. “Many of the new Festival elements are a direct result of their Facebook posts, survey responses and emails.”

A group of more than 20 volunteers comprise a new Festival Planning Committee that has been charged with making the event even more appealing to Jeep owners. “We are so fortunate to have such a great group of people who are enthusiastic and committed to ensuring the future success of the Festival,” said Lambert. “Planning and executing an event of this magnitude takes a lot of passionate people with diverse talents, and each of our committee members has made significant contributions already.”

Highlights of key activities at the 2012 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival include:

Jeep Invasion: Up to 1,500 Jeeps will roll into downtown Butler on Friday, August 10. Jeeps will be parked along Main Street, DJs will play music and Downtown businesses and organizations will offer specials and other promotions to welcome Jeep owners back to Butler. The Jeep Invasion will be held between 6 and 10 p.m.

Jeep Playground/Trail Rides: An even bigger and better Playground will provide off-road fun and driving challenges for Jeep owners. The fan-favorite Mud Pit will be back for drivers to conquer. On-site trail rides through the woods will give Jeep owners a taste of “wheeling” and a scenic trail ride at Moraine State Park will show off Butler County’s beauty to participants.

WWII Encampment: Presented by First Frontier Mechanized Cavalry, the encampment was a popular attraction in 2011. The group will return with even more historical military jeeps and authentic uniforms, camping equipment and military gear.

Show ‘n Shine: In 2011, more than 650 Jeeps competed in 15 classes to win a trophy. The activity is expected to grow with even more participating Jeeps.

Ruff ‘n Tuff (NEW): This new element was suggested by Festival attendees. Similar to Show ‘n Shine, Jeeps will compete on Sunday in nine different classes that are more suitable for those who give their Jeep a work out. Some of the classes include Most Tattoos, Best Chick Jeep and Most Mud.

Mystery Road Rally (NEW): Two hundred Jeeps will have the chance to explore Butler County and see some of our attractions and places of interest during a Saturday night scavenger hunt that will take them on 12 different driving routes. The Jeep who finishes closest to the pre-determined finish time and mileage for each route, and who has the most correct answers on the trivia questionnaire, will win a trophy.

Jeep Team Challenge (NEW): Fifty teams will compete in zany challenges that will test their driving, navigation and team work skills. The Saturday evening event will provide great family entertainment as Jeeps drive in reverse, overcome obstacles and attempt to perform some unusual maneuvers. This element will offer great fun for both participants and observers.

The Great Pig Out (NEW): Jeep participants and Festival attendees are invited to enjoy a traditional pig roast and enjoy some old-fashioned family-friendly games. They can also watch the Jeep Team Challenge throughout the evening.

Bantam History Exhibit: The informative exhibit tells the story of how the Jeep was born in Butler. It debuted last year and was a highlight for many attendees who also had the chance to see other Butler-built cars and hear presentations by Jeep historians including Butler’s own Jeep expert, Lee Bortmas.

How-To Clinics: These informative presentations by sponsors and vendors offer everything from off-roading tips to how to repair a dent or install various accessories.

Swap Meet (NEW): People with used Jeep parts to sell are invited to attend the event in hopes that their old parts may be just what another Jeep owner is looking for!

Vendor Displays: Organizers anticipate even more companies will attend the event in 2012 and feature the latest parts, accessories and more.

Whether the Festival will feature a parade in 2012 has been a popular question among 2011 attendees. “Our committee had a lot of discussion about whether we should attempt a parade again, and the majority decided that the parade is something we want to save for another year,” explained Lambert. “This gives us more time to work out the logistical details so an unlimited number of Jeeps can participate and we can beat our Guinness record.”

Details about the event can be found at Organizers hope to have participant registration ready for Jeep owners in mid-December.

About the Festival
The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is organized by the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau and a group of committed volunteers and Jeep enthusiasts who want to create a signature annual event celebrating Butler, Pa.’s role as the birthplace of the jeep. The Festival will take place in Downtown Butler and at the Big Butler Fairgrounds along Route 422, just west of Butler.  The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is a premier annual event that attracts Jeep enthusiasts from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.

15 01 2012
Bill Cutshall

Hi, I’m looking for a few parts to complete my 1945 GPW restoration. Anybody have a late war large mouth gas tank or a driver’s side seat with the opening for the large mouth tank that they’re willing to part with?



16 01 2012

Bill…….Sent PM to members……You should hear something back…

24 02 2012
Bantam Jeep

Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival Announces 2012 Registration
Now Available for Jeep Owners and Volunteers
More than one thousand Jeep owners are expected to return to Butler on August 10-12 for the second annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. Festival organizers announced that online registration is now available for Jeep owners and volunteers who want to be involved in the event that attracted more than 30,000 visitors to the birthplace of the Jeep in 2011.
“Jeep owners have been contacting us on a daily basis for the past few months because they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to participate with their Jeep,” said Patti Jo Lambert, event director. “We’re excited to have registration underway and look forward to welcoming everyone back to Butler.”
Festival attendees can expect a few new additions in 2012, including:
Number of Jeeps that Can Participate Has Been Set
More Jeeps will be able to participate in 2012. A “Maximum Jeep Capacity” has been established for each activity and published on the Festival’s web site so Jeep owners know how many Jeeps can participate. Registration numbers will be updated in the web site’s registration section so everyone knows how much space is available for each activity. Lambert explained that the maximum quantities were determined so that Jeepers know at the outset that registration for various events is limited.
Jeep Invasion Features A Street Party, Not A Parade
The Festival will kick-off in Downtown Butler on Friday, August 10 with the Jeep Invasion. The event will feature up to 1,200 Jeeps parked along Butler’s Main Street and side streets. The evening event will have a party atmosphere with DJs, food vendors and thousands of Jeep enthusiasts strolling up and down the streets while admiring all of the Jeeps. Downtown businesses will offer special promotions and activities to welcome attendees. Lambert said the Festival’s Planning Committee has decided to attempt to break their Guinness World Record for the Longest Parade of Jeeps in a future year.
New Activities Expand Festival
Saturday Night Features Three New Elements
Three new events are planned for Saturday night. The Jeep Team Challenge is a great opportunity to watch 50 Jeep owners try their hand at some entertaining driving challenges. Watch drivers navigate while blindfolded, cheer on their reverse driving skills and see which team can make the best impression. The event will begin at 6 p.m. and is expected to be one of the highlights of the 2012 event.
The Mystery Road Rally will give 200 Jeeps the chance to go on a scavenger hunt throughout Butler County. Twelve different routes are being designed with stops at some of the County’s businesses and attractions. Prizes will be awarded to the Jeeps who correctly answer trivia questions and return to the Festival closest to the pre-determined time and mileage.
The Great Pig Out will enable Jeepers to feast on a traditional pig roast with all of the trimmings. The evening will also include music, games and other activities designed to give attendees a chance to meet more Jeep enthusiasts and have fun together.
Ruff ‘n Tuff Competition Gives Jeeps More Chances to Compete
Another new event for 2012 is Ruff ‘n Tuff. The Sunday-only event is a spin-off of the traditional Show ‘n Shine and will offer Jeepers the chance to compete in some non-traditional categories. Judges will select the Jeep with the Most Mud, Most Tattoos and the Most Extreme, among others. Trophies will be awarded to the winner in each class.
Military Collectibles Show & Sale and Flea Market Offer Hard-to-Find Items
The Festival is inviting dealers and individuals to sell their military antiques/collectibles and used Jeep parts to attendees. “Since so many people really enjoy the military aspect of the Jeep, we’re also planning an area for dealers to sell military antiques and collectibles which will expand the historical components of the event,” said Lambert. “Jeep owners look forward to finding old parts that are difficult to locate so we’re hoping many Jeepers will clean out their garages and rent a space at the Festival to sell their items.” Registration for booth space will be available on the web site in late February.
2011 Favorites Are Back!
Nearly all of the elements of the 2011 Festival will be back to provide Jeepers yet another fantastic experience. The off-road Jeep Playground and On-Site Trails, Show ‘n Shine, Bantam Jeep history exhibit, Moraine Trail Ride, World War II Encampment, How-To Clinics and merchandise vendors will offer attendees and participants even more to see and do.
“We received tremendous feedback about our inaugural event, and we’re excited about all we have planned for this year,” said Lambert. “Many of the new aspects of the event are the direct result of comments we received from last year’s attendees, and we hope everyone will come this year and see how we’re committed to making the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival a truly not-to-miss event.”
Registration Details for Jeeps and Volunteers
Everyone must pre-register online in order to participate with their Jeep or volunteer at the event. Registration is available at Jeeps must have proof of valid liability insurance in order to participate. Rules and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available on the website.
Merchandise Vendor Registration Coming Soon
Last year’s attendees enjoyed meeting all of the companies that sold a wide-variety of Jeep and other merchandise. Nearly 100 businesses or groups reserved booth space in 2011. Companies and organizations will be able to register for 2012 vendor space in March.
For more information, call 724-234-2291 or email

2 04 2012
Bantam Jeep

After months of planning, the 2nd annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is well underway. In fact, there are less than 140 days to go! Read on for the latest Festival updates.

2012 Sponsorships are Lining Up

You’ll be hearing a lot about the Festival throughout the next few months. Yes, because it’s awesome, but also thanks to Armstrong’s marketing sponsorship. Armstrong will be running advertisements throughout Western Pa. this summer so others can figure out what you already know — the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival rocks!

The best place to get down and dirty at the Festival is back! 4Wheel Drive Hardware is sponsoring the Jeep Playground, where you can climb over rocks, maneuver through obstacles and, of course, get muddy! 4WD is also sponsoring a newbie for this year, the Jeep Team Challenge. Bring the whole family to watch this unique event that has Jeep owners doing some unconventional driving exercises that will show off their skills (or lack of them!)

Jeeps of all shapes and sizes can get a taste of off-roading on our offsite trails, sponsored in part by Diehl Automotive. The short trails are perfect for first-timers in stock Jeeps, yet still enjoyable for those decked out for off-roading.

Flea Market Sellers Wanted
Is your garage overflowing? Need some spare cash? We’re looking for individuals interested in renting space at our Flea Market. If you have used Jeep parts, there’s no better place to get rid of them than at a Festival with thousands of Jeep lovers!

A 10′ x 20′ space is $75, or $150 for a 20′ x 40′ space, and you’ll receive two vendor wristbands which are equivalent to spectator tickets. You must provide your own table, chairs, etc. To reserve a space, simply go to the Festival website, click “Info” and you’ll see the Vendor tab.

If you want to get your hands on a 2012 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival shirt before the event, they can be purchased online during the Participant/Volunteer registration process. All merchandise includes shipping and handling costs. Yes, this means the shirts will cost less at the Festival, but you’ll risk the chance of what you want selling out!

Shirts will be mailed every few weeks, so you won’t have to wait until August! A merchandise shipping schedule is available in the F.A.Q. section of our website.

How Many States Will Be Represented?
We’ve only had registration available for four weeks, and already more than 400 Jeep owners from 24 states and Canada have signed up! Make sure you tell your friends to speed it up so they don’t miss out on all of the fun! Hmmm….can we have at least 30 states represented this year? Thanks to all of you who have already committed to making the Festival part of your summer season!

Reserve a Booth for your Jeep Club
For all of you enthusiasts out there that are part of a Jeep or Off-Road Club, we’ve got a great, free opportunity to promote your organization and recruit new members. We’re offering a free 10′ × 20′ booth space to each requesting club. Power, tables, chairs and tents are not provided.

Participating Clubs must commit to providing a minimum of two qualified volunteers on Saturday and Sunday to help on the Playground and On-site Trails for one shift per day (approx 4 hours). To reserve your club’s space, simply go to, click “Info” and see the tab for Clubs. We really appreciate the volunteer help, and hope you’ll want to take advantage of the volunteer benefits and promotion opportunity! It’s a win-win situation for all!

Go Ahead and Like Us!
If you like the Festival, why not like it on Facebook? We’re on Facebook and Twitter and would love to have you follow our posts. Updates are made regularly, so it’s the best way to keep in touch with the Festival and fuel your enthusiasm! We’re trying to reach 3,000 Facebook likes by August 10th – can you help us reach our goal?

Do You Have an Addiction?
Your addiction very well might be Jeeps, but in this case, we’re wondering about the time you spend online? If you regularly visit Jeep/off-road forums, make blog posts or spend time on Facebook, help us spread the word about the event! If you would like us to provide information for you to post, just email us at

Is There Someone Else You’d Like to See?
Vendor registration is now open on, so if there’s a business you’d like to see at the 2012 Festival, be sure to tell them! Prices are reasonable and the attendees are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

Check Out These Great Jeep Events
If you like hanging out with other Jeepers, you might want to think about having some fun at two worthwhile events. Jeep Beach is coming up on April 25 in Daytona Beach, Florida. If you are up for a road trip this spring, then head South and have some fun. You can read the info here.

Adventure Chrysler Jeep Dodge, one of our 2012 Festival sponsors, is organizing the Northeast Ohio Jeep Road Rally. The special fundraising event will take place on Saturday, May 19. Funds raised will go to support the work of the Chardon Healing Fund, which supports the needs resulting from the tragic events at Chardon High School on February 27, 2012. Join Adventure for this very special fundraiser, meet your fellow Jeepers, and show what it means to be a Jeep Owner. Check out the details!

2 05 2012
Bantam Jeep Festival

Bantam Jeep Fest Goes Global!
Last month, we mentioned that Jeep owners from 24 states and Canada have already registered for the Festival. Now, we’re happy to announce that several countries are being represented.

Our friends from Down Under will be back to visit with participants and enjoy the Festival this year. If you didn’t see it, Australia’s Jeep Action Magazine gave us some great coverage of the 2011 Festival in multiple issues. How far will you travel to attend the Bantam Jeep Fest?Register now and give us some news to share next time!

Butler is the Best
Smithsonian Magazine ranked Butler, Pa. number seven on its list of America’s Best Small Towns. You can read the full article here, but much of what attributed to this success is our Jeep heritage – a feat we share with all of you! We hope you’ll make the trip a bit early, or stay a few days later and explore the other sites that make Butler “the best.” Request a FREE Official Visitors Guide, which includes maps, itineraries and a discount card. Brochures are also available to suit your specific interests, such as history or shopping.

Centre City Summer Jam to Coincide with Jeep Invasion
The good times will roll during the Jeep Invasion. Not only will there be DJs throughout downtown, but Butler Downtown is sponsoring a Summer Jam to coincide. Three different bands will perform throughout the evening in a brand new venue, just off of Main Street. There will be no shortage of music to contribute to the fun!

You’re the First to Hear of Our New Demo
If you like speed, you’ll love the newest component we’re adding to the Festival. The Rausch Creek RCRocs Race Series is coming to us to do what they do best. Watch these professional drivers race through our Jeep Playground. Their high horsepower, custom-tuned rock race vehicles can fly over the rock crawl, but are also built for speed. This will be happening Saturday night from 5-5:45 p.m. in the Jeep Playground that is presented by 4WD Hardware.

WWII Encampment Bigger and Better in 2012
If you loved the WWII Encampment, make sure you stop back this year. It will be even bigger and better than before. First Frontier Mechanized Cavalry is working on setting up a field telephone network between various tents throughout the camp.

This will be a great aspect to get the kids interested in history. For our new Festival fans, the encampment features more than 20 original 1940s Jeeps. The Cavalry dresses in uniform and recreates a military camp to tell stories about their restored Jeeps and the winning role they played in the war. The encampment is presented by Highmark.

Sponsors Rolling In
Moraine State Park is working on a brochure to accompany the Moraine Trail Ride, sponsored by 84 Lumber. The brochure points out interesting sights and facts along the 5-mile trail. This trail is a once-a-year opportunity, open just for our Festival!

Quadratec is proud to sponsor both the Show ‘n Shine and Ruff ‘n Tuff competitions this year. Whether your Jeep is spotless or covered in mud, there’s a category for you to enter so be sure to sign up soon. Maybe you’ll take home a great trophy and bragging rights for a whole year! Be sure to check out the great merchandise special deals they’ll have at the Festival this year.

Thanks to Butler Health System for sponsoring the Jeep Invasion. We will dominate downtown Butler on August 10th with 1,500 Jeeps of all shapes and sizes. It will be quite a sight so be sure to come and enjoy our street party.

Spots are also filling quickly for the Mystery Road Rally sponsored by Peoples Natural Gas and Sheetz. Only 200 Jeeps can participate in this scavenger hunt across the County. Register soon so you and your family and friends can have some fun exploring our county. Twelve differentdriving routes are being created for this new activity.

Sneak Peek at 2012 Vendors
Wondering who will be at the Festival this year? Here’s a sneak peek at the vendors who have registered early:Draken Offroad, Gr8tops, Mountain Off-Road Enterprises,Skyjacker Suspensions, 1 Source Publications, Meridian Off Road Center, Truck Stuff And More, Hyline Offroad, Superchips, BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad Products, Winfield Winery and Adventurous 4×4. If there’s someone you really want to see there, let them know! All of our vendors will be stocked with parts, accessories and more. Start making your wish list now and be prepared to take home some great stuff!

We Made It!
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5 03 2013
Jeff A.

I’m looking for a T-18A Manual Transmission with Low First Gear Ratio (6:32:1). If you have one or have any good ideas of where to find one…please let me know.

Jeff –

Thanks for the help!

9 03 2013

Jeff, I believe Dave sent an email to all members regarding your post. I hope you get an answer. Good luck,

31 05 2013
Keith McGann

I desperately need an the upper part of the inner windshield frame for a cj2a.

23 06 2013

Keith did you get any luck on this? I remember Dave sent an eblast to all members, but I am not sure if you got any answers.

31 07 2013

I am looking for a rear offset Dana 44 from a 1970 1/2 – 1971 CJ to put under my CJ3A. Any Ideas?

31 07 2013
Dave Zibrat

Try Club Member Dane Wisnesky at for the axle.

7 09 2013

What is the width of the front and rear

end of a 50s jeep pickup ,wheel mt to wheel mt. Surface.

14 09 2013

David, I think Dave Z. sent you a separate email with some info. Thanks.

15 10 2013

I would like to attend a club meeting. could someone email me the location? Gary thanks

15 10 2013

Hi Gary thanks for your post. I sent you a separate email with more info abut the meetings. I also sent you an evite to the yahoo group. Looking forward to see you on a meeting…Thanks

16 10 2013
Chris Roussis

Good Day,

GPVC is a start-up auto restoration shop. The company is engaged in the restoration and sales of old classic cars and military jeep Willys. Body work and rust repair is the majority of our work. The company is state chartered corporation in Greece, owned by Chris Roussis. In our workshop we are looking worldwide for some replacement parts , we have in our possession a vehicle. We would like you to let us know the cost of the attachment items .


16 10 2013

Hi Chris, thanks for your post. It sounds like you have a nice restoration company (looking at your website). We can help you with what you need, but I did not see any specific parts. There are a few websites out there that sell all kind of parts for old Willys: ; ; just to name a few. They sell mostly reproduction parts. If you are looking for original parts take a look on
Let me know if you have any specific parts you are looking for. Thanks

9 11 2013
Rennie Barchiesi

I have a 62 Cj3b and its been acting up lately. The motor has not been rebuilt and has 44k. I just performed a compression test and all cylinders are well below the recommended range. Should I focus on just trying to figure out if its the rings or valves, or should I invest in a complete rebuild, so that I am not chasing problem after problem? Thank you for your time

10 11 2013
Dave Zibrat

Since all cylinders are reading low compression, I believe your rings need replaced. Worst case of problem should be when you coast down hill (in gear) and hit the gas at the bottom, motor should put out smoke. If valve stem seals are gone, should smoke when you first start the engine…In any case, check with your mechanic to see why the compression is so low with only 44K Miles.
Has the symptoms of needing possible rebuild.

11 11 2013
Rennie Barchiesi

Thanks Dave

13 02 2015
corey morgan

Hi I just bought a 49 cj3a and need some parts to restore it

18 05 2015
Jim Lauteri

The Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh is hosting a Jeep Cruise as part of their “We Can Do It! WWII” exhibit that just opened. The exhibition was kicked off with a parade of WWII Jeeps, trucks and a tank and special ceremony to honor local WWII Veterans in attendance.

The Jeep Cruise on May 31st is looking for Jeep owners with older Jeeps that want to participate.

Check out the Heinz History Center’s website to learn about the exhibit and Jeep Cruise. There are a limited number of spaces available. Please pass it on to your Jeep friends and register today.

If you have any questions, please give me a call or email me.

Jim Lauteri

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