Member Andreas Gruson and his CJ-2As

20 07 2013

In Andreas words:  How did I hear about the Flatfender Club of Butler?  Well, that’s a story in itself… Two years ago we went on a safari in Botswana, and one evening, we found ourselves at a dinner table with (Flatfender Club of Butler member) Dale Lundy and his family.  Just to make small talk, I mentioned that my son and I were building a 1947 Diesel CJ2a – Dale practically fell out of his seat and told me that he and his son had just finished their CJ2a!! What are the chances of two CJ2a builders meeting in the middle of the Kalahari desert in Africa???!!! a story straight out of Africa!

The red CJ2a is a 1948 which I finished in 1991 when you actually had to fabricate parts!  The mechanics are stock and the body is a MD Juan.  After all that work, I swore I’d never build another!.

And then we took a trip to the coffee region of Colombia – Calarca – where Willys are still used everyday for work, and I got the bug again… Came back to NY and found three CJ’s in a farmer’s field nearby and bought the two better ones.  With all the repro parts now available, the build philosophy became one of authenticity with mechanical upgrades to make a daily driver.  So, using the ’47 as a base started the build.  The crown jewel, a Kubota turbo diesel motor.  Otherwise almost stock.




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1 08 2013
Andreas Gruson


How do I join the club? I own two Willys that I’ve restored – a 1948 CJ2a (restored in 1991) and a 1947 (just finished).


1 08 2013

Hi Andreas, Welcome to the Club!, I will send you a separate email with more info and an evite for our yahoo group. Thanks.

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