News 2012: January-March

21 08 2011

– February: the Yahoo Group is up and running, see at Flatfenderbutler. This will enhance communication within the club for trading parts, coordination of events, newsletter database, and many other applications.

–  Tom Bruce’s blue 3B is resting in his garage until spring, hopping to install the hydraulic clutch system. Winter is a great time to start projects!.

– March: Clint’s new Column Shift

– March: Roy Rowland keeps working on his engine. It will be ready for spring….or summer..or..

– A nice picture of Steve’s Jeeps.

– March 21st: Bill Parise’s Jeepster is completed. Congratulations!

– March 25th: after a mild winter, Sebastian’s yellow 3B is back on the road.




One response

1 09 2011
rich sulecki

hey dave ,rich here, finally got computer. learning slow but steady just like a wiilys. great time at butler,ill be ready next year. great to meet jim allen and every one is my e-mail

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