Sebastian’s new 1953 CJ-3B: Fall 2010

22 08 2010

You may recognize this car from previous pictures. The car was perfectly restored by Member Chuck Curty. I will always be in debt with Chuck for giving me the honor of buying and having this amazing car. Here are some pictures of local rides in Pittsburgh.



4 responses

3 10 2010

Those are some great pictures looks like you have had her around already.


We will have to go for a cruz one of these day soon.

Let me know.

The Flat Fender Club Cruz 2010……….

30 10 2010
Tom Bruce

I got a good look at that 3b at the 4th of July parade and it is a real Beauty. Chuck did a great job and I am sure you areexcited to have it. (I would be)

1 11 2010
Dave Zibrat

Wow…..Those 3B guys really stick together….(Sebastian, Oswald & Bruce)

1 11 2010
Dave Zibrat

BTW…….Where are the other two…….Ben and Rick (Both 3B’s)

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