Medellin-Bogota Day 2: August 2010

26 07 2010

The day started in Ambalema with some necessary maintenance. After crossing the Magdalena River for a third and final time (Cambao), we climbed the east range of the Andes, changing in elevation from 400 m (1300 ft) at the Magdalena River to 2600 m (8500 ft) in Bogota. This journey took us through 5 different “Departamentos” (equivalent to states), several microclimates, and amazing social contrasts. Colombia is a country were things change very rapidly, we passed in front of what it used to be the farm and personal playground of the biggest druglord in the 80’s and 90’s (Pablo Escobar), a town that was destroyed by a mudflow (Armero) and entirely built again, and through territories that were very dangerous because of the FARC rebels and paramilitary forces. A trip that was crazy to do few years back is now a very safe holiday. Things can only get better here.




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