Butler Tuesday Jeep Nights: Summer and Fall 2010

31 05 2010



One response

14 06 2010
Dave Zibrat

Here are some interesting facts about this First night of Jeeps. (See above Flyer)
The Stainlees Steel Jeep was imported with a Toyota Diesel engine and running gear. It did not met the safety requirements of the USA. The owner converted it to CJ-2A engine and running gear. Nice little Jeep….!!!!! This info came from member Clarence Preston. Hope I have it right….!!!!!
Again putting names to owners and faces, the first CJ-2A and Yellow M38 are Dave Zibrat’s, the Bantam Trailer is the one redone by Club Members, Dave Otterson and John Pro, the second red CJ-2A is member Randy Roth’s, the maroon CJ-2A is member John Pro’s farm Jeep. (All original with factory Snow Plow lift, PTO w/governor and hydraulic pump for 3-point hitch. (John’s just finishing the hitch now). The last picture are members Clarence Preston, Dave
Otterson, Dave Zibrat and Bob Beran. Preston, Zibrat and Beran are Founding
Fathers of the Club. One other Father is Todd Simmers. The original four..!!!!

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