4th of July Events (2009)

27 06 2009

Pictures of the Parade at Monroeville, PA (Morning) and Four Wheel Drive/Off Road Magazine Event, Butler, PA (Afternoon)




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5 07 2009

Check out these pix……!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture with all the “New” green shirts, has Lee Bortmas (on left) and Rick Pewe (on the right). Lee is the Resident expert on all things “Bantam” and Rick is the Editor-in-Chief of Peterson’s
“4wheel & Off Road” magazine. This was a Great event but way too short. Brought People of this sport together on common ground. Lots of conversation going on about “hardware and experiences” between all the various interest groups.
The Green shirts are from left to right; John Pro, Charlie Pro, Dave Zibrat, Gerry Oswald, Sebastian Lobo-guerrero and Chris Fritch. The Pictures, before this picture, are from the Monroeville Parade. First is member
George McGuire with his FC, FC and 2A, Walt Moffit with wife and 2A (Walt is a long time member of the “Triangle
Jeepers for Pittsburgh”, as also George and Clarence), then seven pix of the 3B. Sebastian took these pictures and I believe he is a little home sick for his 3B back home in South America……!!!!!!!!!!!!! First in this series are two pix of the 3B by itself, next are Members Clarence Preston and Chuck Courty (owner of 3B), then 3B with Clarence, then two pix of Sebastian and Clarence, and the last pix is history. Members and their rides, Dave Zibrat 2A, Chris Fritch Truck, Gerry Oswald 3B, John Pro 2A Farm and the Group. Member John Oswald had his 2A, returned it home and came back in is Mighty Mite.
The Club had it’s day as we got the Flatties out in the Public’s eye. And, of course, all had a good time.
I have also posted this email as Comment on the Blog for those of you up and running on it.
I will be contacting you about your tee shirt order if you have not picked it up.

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