Flat Fender Club of Butler Apparel

13 06 2009

Please contact us if you want to place an order. Thanks!




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26 06 2009

We are now up to 70 Tee Shirt orders. Next price break is at 79.
Should be ready on July 3rd.

20 07 2009

There were 81 Tee Shirts ordered. Starting a second order and have 1 ea
ordered at this time. 7/20/09 6:30 PM………Think we need 12 ea to get
the same price….I will check with Member John Pro to verify. John has
done a great job getting the Shirts and Hats made….Thanks John….!!!!!!

Ball Caps are up to 19 ea, so we are ordering 24 now……
Will have the extras on hand and will bring to the meetings. The Tan Hat
with Green logo was the favorite of the majority of the Members……

23 07 2009

We are starting a New Tee Shirt Order. Now, July 23, 2009 we have a single
XXL requested…..

13 09 2009
Flat Fender Club of Butler Pennsylvania | eWillys

[…] a very nice group. I am doing my best to help out.   A friend of mine from Colombia helped me with the logo and the t-shirt design and I started the blog at the beginning of the summer. The club is very informal, with no dues and […]

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